You can add web pages directly to TheBrain from Safari. To do this you will first need to set up TheBrain's Bookmarklet.

Tap the attachment icon Attachment in the toolbar section of TheBrain or tap the Thought icon directly to the left of the Thought name.

Tap Add Bookmarklet.

Add Bookmarklet

A Create Bookmarklet notification will appear. Tap Cancel if you change your mind or Create to continue.

Create Bookmarklet

Tapping Create will open Safari and bring you to a page explaining the first step in creating TheBrain Bookmarklet.

Bookmarklet: Step 1

Follow these steps, then tap Next Step >> to continue the process.

Bookmarklet: Step 2

Follow these steps, then tap Next Step >> to complete the process.

You can now add Web Pages to TheBrain. As an example, we will visit ESPN and add the Web Page to TheBrain as an attachment.

Once you are on a Web Page you would like to add to TheBrain, tap the Bookmark icon.

Add Bookmark

Your bookmarks will appear. Tap the Add to TheBrain bookmarklet that you created.

Add to TheBrain

You will see a quick notification that the item was added and your inbox will be open with the item showing.

Item Added

TheBrain Inbox

You can then navigate to any thought you want to add this item to and choose it from the inbox to add it as an attachment. If the inbox is ever closed automatically as you are navigating, it can be opened again by tapping the attachment icon Attachmentin the toolbar section of TheBrain.

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